About the Department

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. “HEALTH FOR ALL” does not mean an end to disease and disability or that doctors and nurses will for everyone. It means that resources for health are evenly distributed and that essential health is accessible to everyone, It means that health begins at home, in school, and at the workplace, and that people use better approaches for preventing illness and alleviating unavoidable disease and disability, it means that people recognise that ill-health is not inevitable and that they can shape their own lives and lives of their families, free from the avoidable burden of disease

Objective of the health department of Odisha is:

  • To ensure adequate, qualitative, preventive & curative health care to people of the State.
  • To ensure health care services to all particularly to the disadvantaged groups like scheduled tribes, scheduled castes & back ward classes.
  • To provide affordable quality healthcare to the people of the State, not only through the allopathic systems of medicine but also through the homeopathic & ayurvedic systems.
  • To ensure greater access to primary health care by bringing medical institutions as close to the people as possible or through mobile medical health units, particularly, in the underserved & backward districts.
  • To improve health care in the KBK districts of the State
  • To eliminate diseases like polio & leprosy from the state & prevent as well as control other communicable diseases
  • To reduce maternal, infant & neo-natal mortality rates
  • To guarantee to the people of Orissa free treatment( including free medicines) for certain major communicable diseases
  • To improve hospital services at the primary, secondary & tertiary levels in terms of infrastructure, drugs & personnel
  • To impart training to doctors, nurses & other paramedical staff to upgrade their skills & knowledge to improve quality health care in the state and improve medical education in the State.